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Unter Medienleuten Show Intro

Olympiapark in munich with lights flying over it


Twice a year the Bayerische Akademie für Fernsehen (BAF) organizes a talkshow called Unter Medienleuten that is being produced by its students. Unter Medienleuten is a talkshow where media professionals are invited and interviewed by students. In 2013/2014 I studied Animation & Visual Effects (VFX) at the BAF. In groups all Animation & VFX students had the task to create a intro animation and design all graphics for the show. My teams work was selected by student voting to be used in the show.


In our concept we wanted to show media professionals on the way through the city to the meet at the BAF. Media professionals are abstracted as lightstreaks flying through munich past monuments on their way to the studio.

Making of

Every shot consisted of timelapse footage and a 3D rendered animation that was composited over the footage. To make the light streaks cast light and shadow onto the environment in the footage each shot had to be recreated as 3d models which was the most timeconsuming task of the project.